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Rachel Verbin

Happy Take Your Dog to Work Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best day of the year!

Yesterday Facebook reminded me of something that I posted four years ago: it was a photo of Pearl Jam with a dog in a recording studio. My caption was something like “How did I not know that it was Take Your Dog to Work Day?”

I begged, pleaded and joked at my previous jobs about bringing Maeby to the office. My dream never materialized (I tried so, so, so hard!). BUT… Fast forward to the present…

Sometimes I think I made the decision to start this company just so that I could bring Maeby to work with me — or rather so that I could run a fun photo/arts business from the home that I share with my dog bff.

Really. I’m kind of only half kidding. Dogs make the best co-workers. She’s like this cute creature of habit that keeps me on track, keeps me laughing, keeps me going.

She has an ever-evolving job title that keeps me forever entertained. Right now it’s: not so silent business partner, head of security & client retention. There are good reasons for all of these things. You just need to meet her once to get it.

Earlier this week she created her very first Instagram account: @sweetpeastudiodog. She’s gaining new followers faster than @picturpaint is! Go Maeby!!

So… to all of the dogs going to work today, and to all the humans going with their dogs to work today, have a wonderful, productive four-legged Friday — and maybe take a minute to thank your employer for making this little dream of mine come true.


Rachel Verbin