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Rachel Verbin

Locations Come and Go. Photos Are Forever!

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed — @rachelverbinphoto — you’ve probably noticed that I’m obsessed with location scouting these days. My little partner in crime Maeby (a.k.a. @sweetpeastudiodog) and I keep our eyes peeled for shoot location gems when we’re out on walks, driving around, going here and there (and yes, if you’re wondering, I do take her everywhere with me — or at least I try!).

I’ve lucked out with some pretty amazing locations recently for yoga and fitness photos, two of them vacant warehouse/garage/factory spaces that were boarded up shortly after we were finished with the shoots.     

Shooting on location definitely comes with some challenges and risks (unpredictable weather and site conditions, dirt, dust and grime, parking tickets, even the odd police visit), but at the end of the day this is where the photo magic happens.

It’s in that moment, when the sun peaks in through an old set of factory windows, illuminating your subject in the most beautiful way — and it hits you that this shoot is truly one of kind — that you feel at peace with your dust-covered clothes and the parking ticket waiting for you on your dash.

Rachel Verbin