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Rachel Verbin

Nothing is Static and that’s Amazing!

I’ve been working on a set of yoga asana-inspired paintings for months now — since March to be precise. They’ve been with me since the beginning. At about the same time that I left my former job to focus on the studio, I painted this set of yoga paintings: two 36 x 48 inch pieces of abstract art inspired by Lord of the Dance Pose and Tree Pose (two of my favourite standing poses in practice and as 2-D designs).

It’s a cycle: I paint them, think I like them, take a photograph of them, post the photo on my site and on Instagram, and then a few months later I decide they need to be reworked. So here I am again, painting over the figures with white paint to deconstruct them back to almost nothing, then using blue to build them back up again. It’s not all that different from what you would do during a yoga class come to think of it: when you lose your balance in a pose, you break it down physically and mentally then build it back up from scratch.

…And so it goes that this little story is also metaphor for Picturpaint Studios. I’ve been working and reworking things as needed, building the company from the ground up, from scratch at every stage. Designing my own website and business cards — and pretty much everything else — has given me the chance to redesign, add new content, rebrand, add new content again, and so on and so forth. Maybe that’s bad branding 101, but at this stage of the game, I think it’s better to evolve and grow as required than stay static. After all, nothing is static anymore, and that’s so amazing!!

I’m sure that my site will continue to evolve and adapt as the studio does. As for the yoga paintings, well, I’m finally actually satisfied with them — I think!

Rachel Verbin